Van Hanh Medical Intermediate School
Vision and Mission

Van Hanh Medical Intermediate School belongs to the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, is built and developed to train human resources with high professional skills to meet the health care needs of the society.

With the motto "Quality is the prestige of the school", Van Hanh Medical School aims to build and develop the school to become the human resource training unit for the health sector leading the country at the school level. granted.

With the mission: "Take wing today, firmly in the future", Van Hanh Medical School advances in training and education of specialties in the field of health to transmit the fire of love to the public. To become the ideal school to develop the professional skills of young people.

Admissions secondary sectors

The framework program for the medical sector is based on the medical program of the Ministry of Education and Training, issued together with Circular No. 19/2010 / TT-BGDDT dated July 05, 2010 of the Minister of Education. Education and Training. After completing the course, the trainees will be awarded with Intermediate Diploma with the title of Doctor.

With a desire to provide the society with highly qualified human resources in pharmacy, Van Hanh Medicine and Pharmacy School always takes the quality of training as the top priority. Upon completion of the course at Van Hanh Intermediate Medicine and Pharmacy, students will be awarded with Intermediate Pharmacist.

After completion of the program at Van Hanh Pharmacy School, multi-disciplinary nurses have good moral qualities, high responsibility for the health and life of patients; good health to work; Do not stop learning to improve your skills and skills.

With the desire to provide the society with highly specialized human resources in traditional medicine, Van Hanh Medical School always takes the quality of training as the top priority. Upon completion of the program, students will be awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree in Traditional Medicine, with sufficient knowledge and skills to become a medical practitioner.

The food industry training program aims to provide a professional source of labor in processing and preserving food. During the study, students also have direct practical experience in enterprises, facilities to improve their experience and improve learning.

At Van Hanh Intermediate level, every student studying in Medical Technician field will be trained in basic science knowledge, acquire specialized knowledge, practice in skills and practice. morality, behavior.

With years of experience, Van Hanh Medicine and Pharmacy is always a prestigious and quality training institution. This is a good environment for you to secure your studies and make a dream of becoming a qualified business accountant in the future.

When studying for Applied Computer Science at Van Hanh Intermediate, you will study common subjects in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training for all branches of technology and technology. In addition, you are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to practice the profession.

News and Events

"Medicine must be like a mother" - the words of President Ho Chi Minh for medical workers have become the guide for many generations of doctors in our country. Physicians should have high responsibility, dedicated service, love and care for...

Wishing to create conditions for cadres, employees, especially children of disadvantaged workers to draw the dream to school. From January 1 st, 2008 to January 22 nd, 2008, HEDU Education System (Van Hien University, Van Xuan College of...

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Target students: - High school graduates and graduates of specialized nursing Admission Form: - Organizing the examination of high school transcripts according to the self-enrollment scheme of the school. - Selection based on the results of...

Admission Form: - Intermediate level: Examination of 3 subjects according to the school regulations. Work directly with the following cases: Graduated from high school or better; possess intermediate degrees and take one of the national skills...

REGULATION Intermediate level training by credit method of Van Hanh Intermediate Medicine and Pharmacy Chapter I GENERAL RULES   Article 1. Scope of regulation and subjects of application 1. This Regulation prescribes the...

Van Hanh Medical and Pharmaceutical School announces the training and certification of soft skills for people with needs with the desire to help future generations to better develop the strengths of thinking, the dynamics of his.

Currently, short-term training courses are becoming more popular throughout the country. With the purpose of intensive training in knowledge and skills in short time, learners will have the basic foundation to find a stable job in the future.

To equip learners with insight into unsafe situations, to grasp some basic techniques, and then to have self-defense skills in situations of violence and violence; Van Hanh High School of Medicine and Pharmacy announces the registration of...

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